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Saul G. Medrano, Firearms and Classroom Instructor

David Moll, Firearms and Classroom Instructor

I served in the United States Marine Corps from 1993-1997, where I was assigned with the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Company (FAST), Security Force Battalion. I was trained in CQB –close quarter combat, maritime tactics, vehicle convoys, close VIP protection, surveillance, and counter surveillance. I also trained in infantry warfare in various climates and had extensive firearms training. I achieved the billets of team leader and squad leader.

Currently I am a contract Manger of Special Projects, Consulting and Investigations, the Operations Manger of Executive Protection and Asset Protection Team (APT) of the Vance Business Unit with Andrews International, a US based Security firm. I am responsible for the management and daily operational oversight of all special security projects, executive protection details and asset protection details.

My expertise in this area includes executive and dignitary protection, workplace violence intervention, tactical security operations, disaster response and meeting/special event security, management of security operations during “Strike” conditions with unions and any security operations dealing with rapid deployment and management.


I have managed security operations that required up to 200 security personnel and the management of up to 50 plus security operations at once. This experience includes: Olympic security detail (Turin, Italy), Baja 1000 in Mexico, Fortune 500 board meetings, corporate sales, incentive programs and FDA meetings, special events, high risk executive protection, workplace violence intervention, company downsizing and tactical security assignments.


I am also a Master Instructor for a business unit with Andrews International, Crossroads Training Academy, under the renowned Anthony Scotti Training curriculum. I have managed and conducted training for US government agencies, Latin American companies, private contractors and other diverse companies.

I have provided instruction with numerous hands- on protective and defensive driving exercises to be used in real-world scenarios and high-risk areas of the world where exposure to crime and violence are often a daily occurrence, while delivering valuable skills to the protection profession. I am also a Texas law enforcement officer (since 1999). Within this field I have served as a Jail Administrator for a county jail, where I was responsible for the administration and management of the jail’s operations, to include managements of jailers and inmates, department administrative organization, budget, etc…

I also became commissioned as a Texas Peace Officer and have held the position of Deputy and currently volunteer as the Chief Deputy for a Constables Office. In this position I assist the Elected Constable manage the office, to include employee supervision, department operational management, budget management, and anything administrative that is required in the management of a law enforcement agency.

My goal is to earn a Masters in Business Administration degree and continue my security career. I have been in security management for over seven years and look forward to continue to move up within the security field and enter executive management with my current employer or another. I enjoy my field of work and look toward becoming more involved in the development aspect of the business.

I currently co-manage a business unit and I am involved in sales, contract negotiations, budget management and overall management of the business unit. I hope to be able to learn from this degree program and become a successful Security Executive. I am a graduate of the R.L. Oatman Executive Protection program, The Gavin DeBecker Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy, The Anthony Scotti School of Defensive Driving, Protection Driver Program, and the Instructor Development program, along with being certified as a Firearms and Simunition Instructor.

I am also a fluent Spanish speaker and teach, train and do translations.

I earned a Bachelor degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice through the University of Texas, Arlington, currently working on the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification with ASIS International, the preeminent organization for security professionals, as well as additional accomplishments and certificates of completion that include:

• Graduate Student – Texas A&M University-Commerce, Master of Business Administration

• Bachelors degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice – University of Texas at Arlington, May 2009

• R.L. Oatman and Associates, Executive Protection Program

• Gavin de Becker & Associates , Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy

• Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts (Steve Krystek) – Pistol & Carbine Tactics For The Security Contractor

• Tactical Response (James Yeager )- Tactical Pistol and Tactical Rifle Course

• Simunition Scenario Instructor and Safety Certification

•Instructor (Spanish) – Crossroads Training Academy

• Commission Security Officer, Investigator and Company Qualified Manger License’s with the Texas Department of Public Safety – Private Security Bureau

• Professional Protection Driving- Cross Training Academy, Tony Scotti Associates (TSA)

• Vehicle Attack Recognition and Response Program- Cross Training Academy, (TSA)

• Evasive Law Enforcement and Security Driving Instructor • BSR Anti-Terrorism Driving and Evasion School

• Security Forces School, USMC

• US Marine Corps Scout School

• US Marine Corps Scout Swimmer

• Passed USMC 2nd Force Reconnaissance Indoctrination (1996)

• TCLEOSE Texas Intermediate Peace Officer License

• TCLEOSE Jailer License

• TCLEOSE Firearms Instructor

• Texas Private Security Bureau – Security & Firearms Instructor certifying in Level II, II & IV


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