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Having been in business for nearly 35 years, Nations Security Resources understands that running a successful company can be challenging and that security issues make it even more so. For safeguarding your property, managing your inventory and keeping your employees and customers safe, a security plan is essential.

Whether you manage a retail shop, small cafe or large industrial warehouse, Nations Security Resources team of experts have the experience and knowledge of what works in commercial security.

Beyond Basic Security

Nations Security Resources has always been able to give businesses the basic security control they need, but by incorporating products and services that offer cutting-edge technology, we can offer a more efficient and convenient way to get more from your security plan.

  • Check on your store when you cannot be there by accessing your surveillance cameras remotely.
  • Use overview cameras in combination with license plate cameras to get a clear picture of vehicles on your property.
  • Log into your security system using your iPad to review store openings/closings.
  • Add environmental sensors to alert you to extreme temperature changes or possible flood situations.
  • For more verification in access control, install a biometric fingerprint scanner

Security to Help Cut Your Losses

Alarm systems are only part of a security plan in that they deter theft coming from outside your business. But, owners realize deterring theft also needs to take place inside their business. According to the US Department of Commerce, businesses lose nearly $50 billion annually due to employee theft.

Custom Security has solutions to help your business guard against internal theft. For instance, by using access control, employers can restrict workers from entering certain areas like file rooms, computer server areas and cash-handling stations. By adding a camera that has a cash register interface, business managers can watch and record transactions in detail.

Cameras can also include DVR analytics programs to act as a “counter” to match the number of receipts with the number of customers in a given period.

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